Holiday Programs

Sprite was reading the Gifted Resources Holiday Programs newsletter. 
“Can I go to a holiday program and could we go to the Aquarium and the Museum and the Planetarium and the Art Gallery and the Zoo and the Library this holiday, please?”
“That sounds like a lot of fun but I don’t think I will have time for us to do all those things”
“Why? Can’t you just make a background from a photo or a painting and then I can go there?” she asked.
“Yes, but it takes quite a long time to make each picture and I have to do other things as well.”
“What things?”
“I have to write the newsletters and work on the website and go to the office or to the city to meet people and I manage the library and help with some gifted programs. And I need to polish up the Feetspeak: 2E shoes presentation and plan my travel to Albury and Sydney.
Also I teach at Church school and write programs for them and paint windows,
And apart from that I have a family in real life; so I have to cook and clean and wash and iron for them.”
“Oh!” said Sprite. “I’m sorry – I didn’t realize”

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