Bill Zimmerman books


It was like Christmas!

Bill Zimmerman of  and  sent me a selection of his books.

I will be placing an order shortly and Bill’s books will be available from Gifted Resources.

Sprite, my little twice exceptional cartoon character, helped me open the box and grabbed the Butterfly Wishes book straight away.

But I know she will probably want to dictate to me because she has wonderful thoughts but very untidy writing and she is such a perfectionist she won’t want to spoil the journal.
She loves butterflies as much as fractal ferns, tessellated birds, cheetah soft toys, cats and frogs.

Sprite and I were not the only ones who were impressed. The teachers I showed the books to said some of them would be great for introductory exercises, springboards for journal writing and compiling oral histories and others would make great awards or gifts.


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