Baby photos

“Who is that?” asked Sprite
“That’s my daughter when she was a baby.” I replied
”She doesn’t look like that now.”
”No, people do change as they grow.”
”What did I look like when I was a baby?”
Oh dear, I thought, we are back to the “Where did I come from?” discussion.
“I really don’t know.”
I was sorely tempted to just invent a ‘baby photo’ for her but decided against it.
”I don’t have any baby photos of you. You always looked very much like you do now”
“Was I adopted?”
“Sort of – more like adapted really!”

“What do you mean – adapted?”
I took a deep breath and thought OK, here we go! Surely this won’t be as hard to explain as the birds and the bees were.
“I drew you. I adapted you from one picture on the clip art CD”

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