Bubbling over!

Sprite was literally bubbling over!
“And it was called BubbleMedia and they have only just come to Melbourne but they have been in Western Australia for years.
And they asked a question and I got it right and I was the first one to go inside the bubble.
And I talked to Andrew afterwards and he didn’t say ‘Sit down and be quiet, Sprite!’
And we talked about surface tension of bubbles and physics and chemistry and colours and art and numbers in nature and geodesic domes and creating universes and imagination and … and…
And they use Zome and make dodecahedra and bucky balls and make bubbles with them and…
And they teach at primary schools and secondary schools and even universities and businesses and conferences and they also do parties and edutainment shows.
Their website is http://bubblemedia.org/index.php


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