Sprite, my little twice exceptional character has been as busy as I have this month. I find her quite delightful but concede that she must drive some of her teachers to distraction!
She exhibits all of the characteristics of GLD students observed by Dr Linda Silverman and most of Dabrowski’s Overexcitabilities.
She is exceptionally gifted but her learning differences and disabilities make it hard for her to demonstrate it and make her studies an exhausting experience for her.
She has a great thirst for knowledge and gathers so much by osmosis and intuition. She loves the research but hates writing the essay about it! And really hates the homework!
At the moment I am preparing another section of the Feetspeak:2E shoes material titled Good King Wenceslas and the Purple Riding Boots about the use of biographical studies and mentors in programs for twice exceptional students like my Sprite.

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